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Be Smart, Know Your Breeder, Get What You Pay For.


Specializing in Standard, Classic, Pocket, Micro, and Exotic Styles. ABKC, UKC, Registered, Purple Ribbon American Bullies.

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BoBo’s Best Kennels™ LLC prides itself on breeding purebred American Bully puppies that grow into happy, healthy adult companions. Our American Bully dogs are fed and nursed on a high diet in crude protein, fruit, vegetables, and vitamin supplements. They are typically high-energy and intelligent with excellent temperaments for family companionship. While we socialize our pups, please remain mindful that they still need continued socialization and exercise as they grow and mature.

Why Choose BoBo's Best Kennels™ LLC

Choose BoBo’s Best Kennels™ LLC when only the best will do for your household companion needs. When you put your trust in us, we make sure your bully is bred to kennel club standards and receives the individual attention they deserve. Our level of expertise and commitment allows you to feel confident you have chosen the highest quality of service the breeding industry has to offer at an affordable rate.

As Connecticut’s premier bully breeder, BoBo’s Best Kennels™ LLC has a history of rehoming American Pit Bull Terriers (APBTs) that have been displaced. We have a “no questions asked” return policy to ensure that all bully breeds avoid killing shelters.

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We’ve come to think of our consumers as extended families because we keep them updated and informed through social media. To provide you peace of mind, we are always accessible to answer inquiries about the well-being of your American Bully puppies. Please note that kennel visits are by appointment only. We do not deliver or ship. Contact us at 203-491-4888 to learn more.

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