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Current Trends in Dog Breeding: Merle Bullies, Fluffy French Bulldogs, and Kennel Club Standards

As our passion for pets continues to evolve, so do the breeds we love and the trends within the dog breeding industry. Two breeds gaining substantial attention are Merle Bullies and Fluffy French Bulldogs, thanks to their unique physical characteristics. Let’s take a closer look at these rising trends while also touching on the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) latest breed standards.

Merle Puppy 1

The Rise of Merle Bullies:

Merle Bullies, known for their distinctive and striking coat pattern, are becoming increasingly popular. This trend reflects a broader shift towards breeds with unusual markings and coat patterns. Merle Bullies, a type of American Bully, present a mottled blend of colors in their coat, primarily due to the merle gene. The combination of size, strength, and unique aesthetics makes this breed especially captivating for dog enthusiasts.

However, breeding Merle Bullies involves careful genetic consideration, as the merle gene can potentially carry health risks if not properly managed. Reputable breeders prioritize health and genetic diversity over aesthetics, ensuring the welfare of the dogs and the continuation of strong, healthy lines.

Fluffy French Bulldogs – A New Furry Trend:

Another emerging trend in the breeding industry is the Fluffy French Bulldog, known for its unusually long, soft coat. These adorable canines are capturing hearts globally, causing a surge in their demand. The genetic mutation responsible for the longer-than-typical hair results in these French Bulldogs’ fluffy appearance.

Fluffy French Bulldogs maintain the classic French Bulldog charm and characteristics, like their bat-like ears, compact size, and playful nature, with the added allure of an unusually plush coat. However, just like with Merle Bullies, responsible breeding is crucial. Breeding for a specific trait, like a fluffy coat, should never compromise the overall health and well-being of the breed.

Merle Puppy 2
Tan Merle

AKC’s Current Recognized Characteristics

The American Kennel Club (AKC), the recognized authority for dog breed standards in the United States, plays a significant role in guiding breed trends. AKC standards provide breeders and pet owners with valuable information about the physical and behavioral characteristics that define each breed.

However, it’s essential to note that the AKC does not currently recognize the American Bully. For this breed, enthusiasts often look to the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) for breed standards. These organizations have outlined guidelines, including specific traits like general appearance and behavior, as well as color standards. By adhering to these, breeders can maintain the American Bully’s distinct identity and health, even in the absence of AKC recognition.

For the French Bulldog, AKC standards highlight their compact and muscular build, smooth coat, heavy bone structure, and specific head and tail characteristics. It’s worth noting that the AKC does not currently recognize the “fluffy” or “long-haired” variant of the French Bulldog, even though they have gained popularity.

The Future of Dog Breeding:

The dog breeding industry continually evolves, with changes often driven by breeders’ passion, market demand, and the ongoing quest for breed improvement. As the popularity of breeds such as Merle Bullies and Fluffy French Bulldogs rises, it is critical to maintain responsible breeding practices that prioritize the health, well-being, and genetic diversity of these breeds.

In conclusion, as we navigate the shifting trends within the dog breeding industry, it’s our responsibility as breeders, pet owners, and enthusiasts to ensure we champion ethical practices. Remember, while we might be captivated by a dog’s unique physical traits, we must prioritize their health and welfare, shaping a brighter future for these beloved companions.

Blue Fluffy

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